Rolloff Containers

Carolina Waste Group is a single-source provider for all your recycling and waste disposal needs. We are a privately held company with over 70 years of experience in the recycling and solid waste industry.
Container services are one of our main specialties. We offer multiple rolloff container sizes: 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 cubic yards. Our containers are sealed and covered. We want to provide the best services to our customers; therefore we also offer custom compactors for your application.

What are Rolloff Containers?

Rolloff containers are designed with wheels for easy transport to various locations. Rolloff containers are commonly used for construction and demolition waste. These containers are useful in the construction of a new home, or for a home renovation. They are easy to access and easy to move. Once the rolloff container is full and your project has been completed, the waste is taken to a disposal facility.
Benefits of Rolloff Containers

1. Improved Job Efficiency

Rolloff containers allow you to focus on the job at hand, instead of worrying about trash compiling and where it will go. A rolloff container can be delivered to your home or job site and will hold all of your waste. Your job site can remain clean and your trash will be taken care of with no complications.

2. Versatility

Rolloff containers can hold any and every type of waste. Various debris can often take up a lot of room, and trash cans cannot hold large waste items. When you rent a rolloff container from Carolina Waste Company, it can hold all of your waste, big or small!

No project is too small or large for Carolina Waste Group. We are not just another typical trash company. We put our customers first, and we will help with all your recycling and waste disposal needs. Call us today at 704-422-4222 for a free quote on a rolloff container!